The struggles I encounter daily to achieve personal and economic stability are guiding my research and influencing my attitude towards making new works. By acknowledging my roots as a Southern Italian woman, and appreciating its values,
I am finding the strength to speak out loud about the urge I have for constructing my own personal world. An environment which is created halfway between facts and nostalgic feelings with the desire to form alternative spaces from where I can operate and forge connections with my close surroundings...

Born in Salerno, Italy, Grazia Gallo is visual artist based in Rotterdam, TheNetherlands.

 Her practice focuses on collecting and assembling mostly found objects and materials, transforming them into new sculpture-installations. Her work plays with color, form and structure, aiming to create a dialogue between the various materials. The site becomes a space of investigation where personal memories are put in relation with the collective ones where time plays an important role as a medium to reflect on personal experiences and cultural heritages.
Interested in the idea behind a Home as a space of negotiation between the multiple subjects who inhabit it, therefore called to find new constant equilibriums in existing as individuals and coexist as a collective. Home as a space to reflect on memories, home as facilitator to create new infinite conversations. Home as an intimate-safe space risking to disappear due the constant sense of danger that each individual is experiencing while performing alone in the big pool of so-called society.
This concept finds its visual translation in the figure of the joint, a powerful tool that connects things together. Therefore the joint becomes a home facilitating an open dialogue among its inhabitants, constantly looking for alternatives to coexist.


-2014/2018 Bachelor in Fine arts ,KABK,Royal Academy of The Hague, NL

-2020/2022 Master in Fine arts and design, Piet Zwart Institue, Rotterdam,  NL